Open Food Facts needs you: join us in changing the food sector

Open Food Facts needs you: join us in changing the food sector

The world is experiencing difficult times on many fronts, including the economic one. As inflation and food shortages drive many households to look for cheaper alternatives, some may have to compromise on health. 

Transparency on food products still has a way to go. We’ve seen with the wave of shrinkflation or in the recent study by NutriNet-Santé cohort that shows a direct link between some emulsifying food additives and risk of cardiovascular disease. 

There is still much opacity when it comes to understanding what we eat. 

That is why Open Food Facts continues to make a stand for a more transparent & open food landscape ✊

  • by informing over 3 million people who use our app & website monthly, 
  • on almost 3 million products around the world, 
  • by encouraging 200+ producers to share their data directly with consumers, 
  • by engaging with institutional actors on various topics linked to food consumption, such as environment
  • by making food data available to researchers around the world (a few examples from Scotland & France), 
  • through technical innovation to grow the open food database further (through images or with logo recognition), 
  • by motivating a large Open Food Facts community of engaged citizens to inspire change & have an impact on the food system.


Although the non-profit organization Open Food Facts receives very necessary funding from various partners, these funds are almost always allocated to specific projects. 

The difficulty we encounter is finding funds that sustain the day-to-day operations of Open Food Facts, ensuring its stability in the long run. And this is where we need your support 🤝 !

When YOU support Open Food Facts as a donor, especially a monthly one, your gift creates a reliable source of funding that we are unable to find elsewhere. 

Thanks to your support, Open Food Facts continues its mission of informing millions of people worldwide about what they eat & making crucial open data available to the scientific community.

A big warm Thank You for standing with us through the years and for showing up during our end-of-year support collection ❤️. 

Wishing you a wonderful festive season ahead, 

Stéphane on behalf of the Open Food Facts community 

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What we eat matters 🥫. Join me in supporting Open Food Facts — a non-profit organization that advocates for clear, transparent and open information about our food. It does this thanks to a community of committed citizens, like you and me, and a free app & website to help consumers around the world make more informed choices for their health & the health of our planet! 

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