Italia, here we come! A look back at our presence at CIBUS, Parma

Italia, here we come! A look back at our presence at CIBUS, Parma


After Germany, the next stop is Italy 🍕 for the Open Food Facts team!
From March 29th to 30th, we were in Parma, Italy to take part in the CIBUS: an international food fair in which Italian gastronomy and terroir are in the spotlight.

This was an opportunity to meet with producers, distributors and consumers to present the Open Food Facts project and its impact on food transparency.

With much-appreciated support from Italian volunteers!

The strength of Open Food Facts is its community, the commitment of its members, and the time they devote to expanding the project. Since 2012, they have been actively involved in building a reliable database that everyone can participate in and that all stakeholders can benefit from.

During the CIBUS, we had the chance to be supported by 2 volunteers, Eyad and Mattia who came to meet with producers and encourage them to share their information on Open Food Facts.

Pierre Slamich, Eyad, Mattia and Manon Corneille

“Going to CIBUS as an OpenFoodFacts member has been a really inspiring experience for me. I never would have known how many people are interested in food transparency and open data! A lot of producers were really interested and collaborative about the project. I really enjoy  that Open Food Facts is expanding in my country, and helping doing that actively is something that keeps me fuelled in going on with this project. Also seeing that the team is made of people who are really passionate about what they’re doing to make the world a better place is a joy. Thank you all!”
Eyad, an italian Open Food Facts contributor.

If you too would like to participate in fairs and represent Open Food Facts, join us via the Skill Pool!

For fairs dedicated to Open Data or food but in a rather “General Public” oriented, join the Event team.

Open Food Facts and Italian professionals  

To our great pleasure, we came across all the local products: Parmigiano Reggiano*, olive oil or the Prosciutto di Parma*

We met with many local producers, some with an impressive number of references. These producers, very receptive to the subject of food transparency, welcomed the Open Food Facts project with enthusiasm and interest, some even knew us already!

*Parmesan cheese; *Parma ham.

With the volunteers and team members, we were able to talk not only about food transparency but also about how you can contribute to it through the Open Food Facts producer platform and its 100% free tools. 

For professionals, the Pro platform represents a real marketing lever, since in addition to allowing them to easily update product data and thus make them more visible on the internet; the platform offers free recommendations to improve the nutritional qualities of the product. 

👉 To learn more about the functionalities of the Pro platform

TIP: Added or updated products are automatically available in the “World” part of Open Food Facts, therefore they are available in all languages, listed in the global database and accessible to users with no regard to their location.

📣 Producers ? Distributors? 

Become an actor of food transparency by listing your products for free on our collaborative database.

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Grazie ! 

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