Towards 1 million users (and beyond) for Open Food Facts Mobile App

Towards 1 million users (and beyond) for Open Food Facts Mobile App

Choosing a path together

Last year, we built a new mobile app for Open Food Facts. We are very proud of it, and it’s already used by thousands of people. Now we would like this app to reach an even larger audience that will use it regularly:

  • we want food transparency to benefit many people to have a wide impact on health, environment and value distribution, 
  • we’re a crowdsourced project, based on the work of thousands of contributors all over the world: today’s users are tomorrow’s contributors,
  • this app could be a tool in the hands of a large community of passionate people acting to change our food consumption for the better.

We would like to build together a vision for the app, and collectively decide how we should try to reach this goal. What should Open Food Facts app — or even apps — look like to reach a maximum of people? This gives the opportunity to work all together.

Who can participate ? 

EVERYONE 🙋. The community needs you !

There is no specific set of skills you need to have to participate in this collaborative work. 

Just an interest in making the food landscape more transparent & equipping consumers to be better informed. 

Help co-construct this project via a collaborative process spread over several weeks

I don’t have much time, how can I participate?
Some of us will participate in many activities, but feel free to only engage in the one you can.
– Propose your ideas during phase 3: come to the first meeting to share your ideas, or write a post on the forum.
– Participate in the evaluation poll in phase 5: wait for the poll and give your opinion.
– By the way, if you don’t have time, you can also give money to the project :slightly_smiling_face:


(all the dates are on our Community Calendar, which you can add to your own to be notified)

Save the date(s) at a glance 

April 24: Brainstorming session 1st meeting – 18h CET 12
May 2: Consolidation / Creative meeting #1 – 18h CET
May 10: Consolidation / Creative meeting #2 – 18h CET
May 17: Consolidation / Creative meeting #3 – 18h CET
May 22: Investigating phase: Kick off meeting – 18h CET

📣 User survey period: June 28-July 4
July 7: Results of the track investigation (each team will advocate their track with a 5 min pitch) – 18h CET

📣 Community poll: through July & August
September: Final decision process 

Conversations will happen here on our Forum. Looking forward to creating together !

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