Open Food Facts Project Grantee 2024: Marius

Marius project grantee open food facts

Open Food Facts Project Grantee 2024: Marius

Who am I and how do I contribute to Open Food Facts?


Hi everyone!

I am Marius from Germany, currently living in Denmark.

During the project grant 2024 and as an ambassador for the Open Food Facts project in Germany and the Nordics, I want to contribute to grow the network of volunteers as well as public and private organizations internationally.

I am very glad to be part of the Open Food Facts community with dedicated individuals and to have met some during the Community Days in Paris (funded by the Open Food Facts organization). I find it very inspiring to hear the many different motivations of the volunteers to improve the global and local food systems by bringing more transparency to food products.

Teachers, nutritionists, researchers, tech-students, sustainability advocates, digital communication experts and the list goes on and on (like the ingredient list of ultra-processed instant soup) are among the contributors who add, improve or use the information provided by the Open Food Facts project.

My main contribution is to improve information about food-packaging and its recyclability as well as building bridges between food producers, retailers and consumers.

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Why am I interested in growing the Open Food Facts community in Denmark & Germany ? 

The food that we eat has a huge impact on our health, our societies and our environment. 

Since most of us are unable to grow food ourselves and depend on what our supermarkets offer to us, we require information about our food to find out if it is good or bad for us. 

By growing our community in Germany and Denmark, we can improve eating habits, increase the number of educated consumers, reduce food waste, increase recycling of packaging, build tools that help individuals to avoid problematic products (which may lead to allergic reactions, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.) or simply make on-pack printed labels or small lettered ingredient lists accessible to people with low-vision.


Here are some ways I’ll go about it 

I am very interested in lowering the barrier for non-technical people to access and make the most out of Open Food Facts data.

My wish is to enable as many people as possible to solve food related problems by building their own high impact solutions or informative content, for themselves, their families, their communities, countries and internationally.

If you’d like to help Marius in developing the Open Food Facts community in Germany or Denmark, get in touch:

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