#PortraitSeries: Jérémy

machine learning open food facts

#PortraitSeries: Jérémy

machine learning

I’m Jérémy, a Freelance Machine Learning Engineer. 

Although I began my career in physics and engineering at major corporations in France, I felt frustrated by not being in full control of my life.

Thus, I made a bold decision after completing my PhD: I left everything behind, embarked on a journey to learn Machine Learning from scratch, and set off for Budapest to start my entrepreneurial journey.

Since then, I’ve been documenting my experiences on social media while working on fascinating projects as an ML engineer from all over the world. My path led me to Open Food Facts, where I’ve been using Machine Learning to address various challenges.

What motivated me to join Open Food Facts?

Compared to many companies I discussed with as a consultant, Open Food Facts has concrete problems that ML can solve.

As a Machine Learning Engineer, I’ll be working with the Open Food Facts team to enhance the quality of the database. This involves implementing NLP solutions such as Named Entity Recognition to extract ingredients from text and images of the packaging, as well as Spellcheck to correct the extracted information.

Also, as a content creator who creates tutorials and technical articles, contributing to an open-source project is super exciting since it enables me to share my work with the world while helping Open Food Facts with its challenges.

What are my secret hobbies?

During the day, I’m a Machine Learning Engineer. But once the sun set, I become a Latin dancer
🕺, passionate about Bachata. I have been practicing for 6 years now and even taught back in my time in France.

Also, when I started the content creation, I experimented with different platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. Maybe you’ll find those accounts… That’s pretty easy: I was back in the days a nomad data scientist… 😉