Open Food Facts Days 2023: celebrando la community

Open Food Facts Days 2023: celebrando la community

Partecipanti agli Open Food Facts Days 2023

Punti salienti dell’anno 

Il fine settimana della nostra community ha avuto luogo lo scorso fine settimana (21 e 22 ottobre), ed è stato davvero memorabile! 

Nel cuore di Parigi 

Abbiamo avuto la fortuna di reincontrarci all’Accademia del Clima a Parigi. Quest’anno abbiamo avuto a disposizione la Sala delle Feste, consentendoci di accogliere persino più visitatori! Un ringraziamento speciale alla Città di Parigi per questa fantastica opporntunità. 

Académie du Climat (The Climate Academy): a hub by the City of Paris to place ecological transition & initiatives in the heart of the city !
First visitors registering 🙂


Thunder & Lightning 

Saturday kicked off with Lightning talks from community members. Each one spoke about their area of expertise. Because there are many activities taking place within the Open Food Facts ecosystem, it’s an opportunity for the community to learn more about what one’s neighbour is doing, or how the data gets reused for various solutions, and get a more holistic view of the project. 

Léonore (Moon Rabbit) on Taxonomies in Open Food Facts
Harry talks about Horizon, an app to help better sort & recycle food packaging and which reuses Open Food Facts data
John’s talk on microservices
A smiley audience
Matthias shares a study about the users of his app Speisekammer
Ben & April share eco-insights & user experience
Benoit speaks on the important of data quality

Barcamp workshops

After being inspired by these talks, we already began to have ideas bubbling up! So it was time to do some imagining: like last year, we first suggested various topics for workshops, in barcamp mode. We then split into several groups and began brainstorming workshops on various topics. 

Propositions & selections of workshops
See one that interests you ?
Sign up !

The geography of a community 

In the afternoon, we had the pleasure of listening to Christian Quest, an open-data fellow, founding member & spokesperson of OpenStreetMap – a map of the world, created by people like us and free to use under an open licence. Because of the similar nature of our projects, it was very insightful to learn from the experience of OSM. (video soon to come !)

A few coffees down, we were ready to continue our workshops, imagining solutions, new or ones that would improve Open Food Facts in order to transform the food system. 

Celebrating the people 

Before listening to more lighting talks from our community, a surprise awaited some of the contributors. To celebrate their effort & contribution over the years, a few of them received some trophies 🏆 ! It was really special to thank Arnaud, Benoit, John, Léonore & Sébastien (as well as Thomas who couldn’t be there) for their valuable contributions in the different areas of the project’s life. Of course it was just a way to also give a big thanks to every contributor of Open Food Facts.

Yes We Scan !

The celebrations didn’t stop there, as we went on to take part in a big Apéro Scan Party! Stéphane had sourced a large variety of spreadables for the occasion, and we entered these products on the database before we enjoyed them. Yum ! 

(For some, the fun continued late into the night at the rugby world cup semi-final match 🇿🇦vs. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.)

Open Up 

This year’s addition: our event was open to the public. Throughout the day, people could discover the work of Open Food Facts through three stands, presenting: 

Almost everyone we spoke with showed much enthusiasm for the project & was pleasantly surprised to see the community so actively at work !


On our 2nd day of our annual event, Charles shared with us the various news of the project (completed collaborations, future plans, challenges and successes).

Local communities

Gala introduced the Community Grants, a new resource designed to support the creation of local Open Food Fact communities in various countries. If you are interested to know more, head over to this wiki page. 

Latest updates on the life of Open Food Facts !
Gala presents the new Community Grants

Let’s do this 

Taking on-board the feedback from last year’s participants, we decided to make the second day mostly operational. The groups from the brainstorming workshops of the previous day reunited to begin working on actual tools and implement concrete changes in the “Doers” workshops. 

Farewell & until next time! 

What a beautiful thing to witness, when a community comes together. Thank you to everyone who joined these two days, some traveling from other cities in France and in Europe to be part of it, some who have just recently discovered Open Food Facts, and others who have been part of it for 10 years. We hope you enjoyed it & found it useful, motivating, inspiring & fun. 

Don’t hesitate to share your experience of it through: 

  • a testimony (short or long) to share with the rest of the community,
  • a private feedback ( to the permanent team, in order to improve the experience next year ! 

Couldn’t make it in person ? 📺

Thanks to the amazing organisation & skill of Edouard, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the recorded sessions of these two days.

Altri interventi sul nostro canale Youtube