“Tackling Food Packaging operation” in the spotlight near Poitiers, France

“Tackling Food Packaging operation” in the spotlight near Poitiers, France

As you may already know, this year Open Food Facts went big on the “Tackling Food Packaging operation”, a project aimed at collecting as much data as possible on food packaging for better understanding. Find out all about the Tackling Food Packaging operation.

To mark the European Week for Waste Reduction, Olivier Coacolo, a key player in the municipality of Saint Benoit, near Poitiers in the Vienne department, decided to highlight the project during an event organised about food waste and plastic reduction.

The event mobilised the residents, who actively participated by downloading the Open Food Facts application, scanning the barcodes of a few products brought by Olivier, weighing them and then adding the information to the database. 📱

A successful introduction to contribution for Saint Benoit residents!

The data collected by the “Tackling Food Packaging operation”, available as open data for all, is particularly useful for policy-makers, mobile application developers, researchers and PhD students.

Many thanks to Olivier Coacolo for his commitment and his key role in the success of this event.

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