Meet The Team: Charlotte (Partnerships)

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Meet The Team: Charlotte (Partnerships)

Who am I and how do I contribute to Open Food Facts?

Hi, I’m Charlotte!

I’m a student in Responsible and Humanitarian Management and I joined Open Food Facts in October for a one-year work-study placement! One of my tasks is to help producers import their products onto the professional platform – with an international approach, so that we can continue to take the project beyond our borders!

Why did I want to join Open Food Facts?

The question of food is of paramount importance to me.


I first became interested in it during confinement, when I felt the need to match my physical activity to my plate. I realised that I had very little trust in what I was eating and I started using scan apps regularly.

I did my first year of work experience at the Institut Lyfe Research Centre in Lyon (formerly the Institut Paul Bocuse), where I got to know many of the stakeholders of the food industry. Following this, I had a real desire to continue my professional experience in the field of healthy and sustainable food, and thus assert more clearly the impact of food transparency. I joined Open Food Facts a few months ago now and I’ve got the feeling that I’m in the right place! My missions are in line with my career path and the values to which I aspire. In other words: I feel useful!

Thanks Charlotte for this little interview. We are delighted to have you in our team 🙂