Introducing the v4.9.0 of the Open Food Facts app: A Polished Experience!

Introducing the v4.9.0 of the Open Food Facts app: A Polished Experience!

We are excited to unveil the latest version of the Open Food Facts app, version 4.9.0, available today on Android, and in the next few days on iPhone, iPad, and Windows 11

This release is a testament to the commitment and relentless hard work of the permanent team as well as our volunteer community. A big shoutout and thanks to each one of you for your invaluable contributions.

Here’s a peek into some of the standout features that will make a significant difference to our users:

More accessible lists

We’ve made it simpler and quicker to navigate through the app. You can now easily access your user lists of products under the “List” navigation tab. Moreover, we’ve renamed the “History” bottom item to “Lists”, offering direct access to other user lists. Your Scan history is one of those lists.

The Road to Scores is clearer

On incomplete products, you will see a prominent card that tells you exactly what Open Food Facts needs to compute Nutri-Score, Eco-Score and ultra-processing level (NOVA). You now have the warranty that you’ll easily get answers quickly, even for incomplete products, given a little effort.

The app is more international & accessible

A step closer to making the app inclusive, we started a journey to improve our accessibility. We have also added many translations accross many languages. 

Strengthening the app for prime-time

We had a TV appearance on French TV on July 7th, and as a result, a lot of new users installed the apps. Slowdown of the server meant that it appeared as if Open Food Facts contained no products, and it was impossible to sign up for several hours. We’ve taken steps in the app to ensure that it doesn’t happen again server side, and that if it should happen, the messages are much clearer.

In this release, we would like to particularly thank the following contributors: 125sachin, Benjamin-Loison, hsradA23, khanjasir90, M123-dev, monsieurtanuki, tanishq5414 and tarunsamanta2k20.

In closing, our focus with v4.9.0 has been on polishing the app, and we plan to have even more exciting novelties in about a month. As always, we’re indebted to our vibrant community of mobile app contributors. Your feedback and commitment drive us forward, and together, we continue to make a better Open Food Facts app you can depend on for informed food choices.

Happy exploring the new features! 🎉