Choosing the best food becomes personal on Open Food Facts!

Choosing the best food becomes personal on Open Food Facts!

The Open Food Facts website and our new mobile app Smoothie for Android or iPhone now allow you to immediately see how well food products match YOUR personal preferences (while fully respecting YOUR privacy).

What’s the most important to you when choosing food products?

At Open Food Facts, we know that everyone is unique, with different constraints, preferences, wishes and aspirations for choosing food products.

(e.g. good nutritional quality, little salt, sugar or fat, avoiding ultra-processed foods, environmental friendliness, vegetarian or vegan foods, organic products, products without allergens or additives….)

So we now let you indicate the criteria you care about, and how much importance they have for you:

Some of the criteria related to nutritional quality

Set mandatory criterias if there are products you don’t eat at all (for instance if you are vegetarian, or are allergic). We will highlight those products in red if you scan them and filter them out of your search results.

Set your other criterias as “very important” or “important”. Very important criterias will have twice more weight when you compare products.

See first what’s the most important for you

Once you have set your criteria on the Open Food Facts website or our new app Smoothie, we will always show you first what you care the most about:

Small icons immediately show what the user selected: if the product is gluten free and vegan, and its nutritional quality (Nutri-Score).

Products that do not match your mandatory preferences (e.g. gluten-free) are shown in red.

The small product cards you immediately see when scanning or searching products will feature icons to indicate how well they match your criteria. For instance you can choose to see the Nutri-Score or Eco-Score grade (currently available in 10 European countries) , how many food additives they contain, if they are organic, high on salt, sugars or fat etc.

When you click or tap on a product card to get the full product page, the top of the page will show more information about each of your criteria. So if you are on a low sodium diet for instance, the product card will have a colored salt icon to show if the product has a low, medium or high salt content, and on the top of the product page you will see exactly how much salt the product contains.

Easily find the products that best match your criteria

When searching food products on the Open Food Facts website or the new Smoothie app,  you can sort the results by how well food products match your criteria.

And when you are shopping in a store, the new Smoothie app for Android or iPhone makes it very easy to compare the food products that are in front of you.

If you are hesitating between a few different products, you can quickly scan their barcodes and tap on “My personal ranking” to immediately see the best ranked product according to your criteria.

A completely personalized experience that does not compromise your privacy!

Open Food Facts is a non-profit organization committed to the common good, and we truly care about your privacy and won’t of course sell or transfer your personal information to anyone. But we go even further than that: your personal food preferences stay on your phone or your computer, they are not sent to Open Food Facts or anyone else. All the cool personalization of product cards and pages and of the ranking of search results happens on YOUR device, not on our servers.

Thank you very much to our funders and the Open Food Facts community!

The new personalization features of Open Food Facts and our new Smoothie mobile app have been made possible thanks to the support of our funders and of the volunteers of the Open Food Facts community:

    • The Open Food Facts Personal Search project was funded through the NGI0 Discovery Fund, a fund established by NLnet with financial support from the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet programme.
NLNet FoundationEuropean Union
Ford Foundation

And thank you!

Open Food Facts is a non-profit collaborative project, all we do would not be possible without all our volunteers, contributors, users and donors all over the world.

The new Smoothie app is still very experimental, and we would love to hear from you and get your feedback and ideas to improve it. You can contact us at or join our community on our Slack.

You can also support our work by making a donation to the Open Food Facts nonprofit organization:

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Thank you!