A step towards greater transparency: Auchan shares data on nearly 6,000 of its branded products on Open Food Facts

A step towards greater transparency: Auchan shares data on nearly 6,000 of its branded products on Open Food Facts

A few days ago, teams from the Auchan France retail chain joined the list of more than 240 committed manufacturers by sharing detailed information on almost 6,000 food and non-food products on the Open Food Facts platform.

We welcome this commitment from Auchan France, which will enable our 3 million or so monthly visitors to benefit from up-to-date information on all Auchan-branded products.

Auchan commits to greater transparency

Transparency is not just a fashionable concept, it’s a necessity
Today’s consumers are more informed than ever and are looking to make informed decisions when buying products. They want to know what they’re buying, where it comes from and how it was made. That’s why we’ve made transparency one of our priorities.

We believe it builds customer trust, promotes informed purchasing decisions and contributes to a world where consumers are able to make choices that matter. We are proud to put this transparency into practice with Open Food Facts, which through constructive exchanges and the implementation of GDSN on our products, has enabled us to disseminate product data with simplified collection, and we will continue to exceed expectations to offer you the best possible experience.”

In practice, how does it work?

To carry out this data transfer, Auchan France relied on the connector between their service provider AGENA3000 and our Open Food Facts database, which we co-developed with the AGENA3000 teams over a year ago. 

Thanks to this connector, the transfer of data to Open Food Facts took just a few clicks and is now automated: when the Auchan teams update data on their A3PIM portal, this information is automatically updated in Open Food Facts. 

The good news is that this connector is accessible to all manufacturers using AGENA3000’s A3PIM solution!

To share product information from your A3PIM platform, simply : 

  1. Inform us (producers@openfoodfacts.org) of your wish to share your information so that we can configure the connector correctly.
  2. Push the product sheets from your platform by selecting “Open Food Facts” as one of the recipients.

One of the strengths of this integration is the simplicity of the process. This voluntary approach to making data available gives consumers access to a wealth of reliable and transparent information about the products they buy.

By sharing its data, Auchan France is encouraging the industry to move towards more open practices that are concerned with the well-being of consumers.

Join the movement too!

If you are also a player in the food industry and would like to contribute to this movement by making your data accessible to consumers, please contact us at producers@openfoodfacts.org.

We would be delighted to support you in this move towards more transparent and informed food for all.