The Nutri-Score is evolving. Manufacturers, get onboard now!

The Nutri-Score is evolving. Manufacturers, get onboard now!

As you know, this first quarter will be marked by the announcement of the new Nutri-Score formula by the Santé publique France teams.

To help you anticipate any changes in your product range…

 …We’ve integrated the new Nutri-Score formula on your Pro platform!

The algorithm is evolving to be more in line with dietary recommendations

“This new algorithm will enhance the effectiveness of the Nutri-score in classifying foods and drinks in line with the main dietary recommendations of European countries, and guide consumers towards informed choices that are good for their health”, explains the French Directorate-General for Health.

I can now access the new Nutri-Score for my products using Open Food Facts!

You can now calculate the new Nutri-Scores via the Open Food Facts Pro platform.

Still free of charge, in your Pro workspace, you can :

  • Calculate the new Nutri-Scores for your products, in addition to calculating the current Nutri-Score;
  • Discover the new, more educational Nutri-Score explanation panel
  • Quickly identify the products for which the Nutri-Score is changing
  • Benefit from our tool for detecting improvements to your products to optimise your Nutri-Scores [coming soon].
    • Ex: “Reduce salt by 4% to go from a Nutri-Score C to B”.

Note: a press release containing further information on the new Nutri-Score will be published in a few weeks’ time.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact with any questions you may have.

Find out more about the development of the Nutri-Score on the website of Santé publique France. 

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