Share your product data in 1 click with the new AGENA3000 connector

Share your product data in 1 click with the new AGENA3000 connector

More than 150 producers are now contributing to food transparency by uploading their product data to Open Food Facts, using a dedicated tool: the pro platform

For producers who are clients of AGENA3000, a specialist in food data management, sharing product photos and data on Open Food Facts is now possible in just a few clicks. 🚀

Up-to-date data

With the AGENA3000 connector (A3 PIM Industry), producers can send complete information on all their products, and above all, update them automatically in real time. This is very important because product information often evolves over time: recipe reformulations, updates to the visuals of product packaging, addition of labels, etc. The automation of data transfer is therefore a considerable time-saver for producers.

Menguy’s feedback: first producer to benefit from the AGENA3000 connector 

“By sharing data via  the solution A3 PIM Industry of AGENA3000, we can ensure that Open Food Facts has reliable and up-to-date information about our products. We work every day to provide the best balance between taste, ingredient quality and nutrition. This way, our consumers will have true food transparency!”

– Alice DEFFORGE, Responsable Marketing

Why share data with Open Food Facts?

  • Make your products visible on the Open Food Facts app and website (nearly 3 million visits/month) and on more than 200 apps and services that use our database ;
  • Certify your data published on Open Food Facts: your data becomes the reference data and is thus protected from any uncertified changes ;
  • Easily adopt the Nutri-Score and Eco-Score: you have a private space to test the impact of your future product reformulations;
  • Discover opportunities to improve the quality of your products. We automatically analyse your product data and compare it to similar products on the market.

And all this for free! We are an association 😉

How do I share my data?

  • If you are an A3 PIM Industry (AGENA3000) customer: simply select the recipient “Open Food Facts” when sending your product sheets.
  • If you are not an AGENA3000 customer: you can also use the platform directly by simply importing an Excel file with your product data.
  • If you have one or more individual accounts on Open Food Facts, contact us to convert them into “producer accounts” and link them to a company account in order to benefit from all the advantages (data protection, analysis of reformulation opportunities).

If you are a producer, please contact us at

The Open Food Facts team : Alex, Charles, Edouard, Gala, Manon, Pierre & Stéphane

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